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About Manali

Manali is blessed with nature's finest gifts. The enchanting valley is so picturesque that it has earned the name 'Switzerland of India'. The sky touching mountain peaks, the kingdom of clouds, the colorful valley, the lush green vegetation, the friendly people and many more things come to one's mind when they think about Manali.

There are many legendary and mythological stories attached with the birth of the wonderful place. The area earned its name from the great sage - Manu. The most interesting part about Manali is its serenity despite the regular visits of thousands of tourists. Manali is situated only 40 km away from another beautiful hill station - Kulu. It is in fact, located at the northern border of the Kulu Valley.

With a mix of various communities like Kullus, Kashmiris, Ladakhis etc. the total population of Manali is around 4000. The paradisiacal valley is situated at an altitude of 1950 meters. The overall climate of the area is very rejuvenating and refreshing; however, the winters are pretty cold with temperatures going down below zero degree centigrade along with heavy snowfalls.

Manali is an integral part of the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. The Manali administrative authority has stressed on building the infrastructure of the hill station in all respect. Apart from improving the transportation system, it is trying to improve the health sector and basic education.

Hotels and Resorts

Manali Resorts


Of all experiences that can be held at Manali, there was one that the Gods truly missed: a stay of complete luxury at a resort within this great natural one.

As the drive heads up 40kms from Kullu towards Manali town, as the river gets closer to the road, and as you get impatient to reach your destination, comes the first halt to the right of the road; strategically located to give you the best of the valley, and yet distanced from the crowds of the town.

Settle in to the luxury of your very own threshold brook: the Beas flows past every room here, you sleep and wake to the sounds of the ...

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Manali Heights

Log Hut Area, Manali

Situated at 6930 feet in the magnificent Himalayas, Manali Heights is a fairytale luxury resort set along 500 years old Dhundgiri forest, midst ancient Deodars.  At this idyllic retreat, guests can look forward to practicing the art of doing nothing or keeping themselves busy with a variety of experiences from nature to adventure, from culture to cuisine and from rejuvenation to religion....

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Span Resort and Spa

Kullu - Manali Highway, P.O. Katrain, Dist. Kullu (HP)

An escape from the clamour of urban existence, where the mind is centred, the body healed and the senses awaken to the little wonders of creation. A place where the warmth of the sun rejuvenates the soul and a river meanders through the hollows and out of sight. This place is called Span Resort and Spa. On the rocky banks of the river, isolated from the hum of tourist activity, the hotel offers a return to nature - the sensorial experience of being surrounded by ten acres of woodland, gardens and glacial mountain views. Escape the mad current, fast-forward metropolitan world, and ease ...

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Manuallaya Resorts

Sunny Side, Chadiyari, Manali, H.P

Legend goes: On Almighty’s directives a great upheaval took place. It changed the very shape of the then evil earth. Torrential rains flooded it. Everything submerged only Noah (the prophet of Jews, Christians and Muslims). Or Manu (as he is referred to by Hindu scriptures) and ark full of fauna braved the storms.

After seven days of this ordeal came the calm and with it the ark landed in a green picturesque valley, amidst the freshly risen Himalayas. That valley came to be known as Manuallaya, the mountain of Manu over time nothing of this beautiful valley changed except its name. Today the world refers to it as Manali, the valley ...

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Solang Valley Resort

Solang Valley, VPO Palchan, Manali

Solang Valley Resorts is pioneer in providing world class services and is rated as best resorts in Manali having about 50+ luxurious rooms, with all modern facilities and decorated with local touch. Situated in the lush green area of Manali and is situated among lush green deodar pine forest and surrounded with apple orchards. The resort relish and savour in glory of the Sun throughout the day, making our guests feel comfortable and warm. Each room offers excellent view of the Snow clad Mountain Ranges, Forest & orchads.

Escape the trappings of civilization by getting lost deep in the heart of ...

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The Himalayan Resorts and Spa

Manali, Kullu Valley Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the ethereal beauty of North India, The Himalayan is flanked by the cedar forests of Dhungree & conveniently overlooks the town of Manali. The Himalayan is the ideal destination for those seeking seclusion & tranquility, as it is neatly tucked away, in its own cul de sac. Grandeur, elegance & style conspire to create intimacy & warmth without pretension.

The Himalayan's fine blend of originality & classic English quality will appeal to the lovers of tradition who dare to be a little different.

The Cottages are equipped with all comforts that discerning patrons are accustomed to.

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