Manuallaya Resorts, Manali

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Rooms and Suites

Manuallaya, the Resort Spa in the Himalayas. 55 rooms & suites across 8 distinct categories. Six acres of gardens, landscaped at different levels. And all of it in the bosom of the Himalayas.

Each room is provided with a colour television (with satellite TV), refrigerator, direct dial telephone & individual room temperature control for year round comfort.

All front facing rooms (Balcony-14, Deluxe-13, Duplex-10) have large private balconies providing a clear view of the snow clad mountains and river Beas. Imported laminated wooden flooring provides a rich and cozy feel.

A new state of art elevator has been added for convenience of the guests.

Garden Rooms

Extremely beautiful rooms having modern interiors and luxurious bathrooms.
Each room has a private landscaped garden with individual swing make it very special and exclusive.
There are Seven (7) such rooms.

Balcony Rooms

A unique boutique floor has distinctive interior and design. The rooms have large glass windows and balconies providing a clear view of the entire valley. The woodwork in the room adds to the warmth while the black granite makes the bathroom luxurious.
There are Fourteen (14) such rooms.

Deluxe Rooms

Rooms that are large and spacious. they give you a very scenic view of river Beas. The rooms are spacious and ideally recommended for guests looking for extra space or traveling with children requiring an extra bed. Deluxe rooms compliment the resort with large carpet area.
There are Thirteen (13) such rooms.

Duplex Rooms

As you step out of the elevator on the top most floor, you witness the creative waves completed in wood in the floor lobby and designer floor. The rooms have full size double beds both at the lower level and mezzanine level connected by a spiral staircase. Duplex rooms with their seating areas and balconies have been designed to accommodate a complete family.
There are Fourteen (14) such rooms.

Deluxe Suites

Transcending time, these picturesque suites are all different in appearance. they offer a spacious living room, bedroom and dining room with private balconies and are well equipped with all the modern guest amenities.
There are Seven (7) such rooms.

Royal Suites

The ultimate in luxury and style. It features a grand living room, a master bedroom with a separate children’s bedroom with a sun deck and a private balcony overlooking river Beas and the snow clad mountains. Opulent design exuding old world charm with a blend of modern amenities and gracious personalized service.

The spacious drawing area leads to a large bedroom and bathroom on the lower level. The mezzanine level has a separate bedroom with a bathroom and a staircase leading to a glass attic which serves as a sun deck during the warmer climate.
There are One (1) such rooms.

Sunny Side Cottage

One of its kind! An exclusive cottage with three (3) elegantly furnished bedrooms with attached bathrooms, children's room, living/dining room, fully equipped kitchen, large balcony and a courtyard is a home away from home.
There are One (1) such rooms.

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